Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees is ‘here to serve you’… and the community.  We want you to enjoy yourselves when you visit and we want to hear your comments and concerns.
dave_s Dave Stevens – President
Chairperson – Executive Committee
I was born in Bellflower Ca. and raised in Paramount Ca. I am married and have two daughters and one son. I have 8 grandchildren and one great granddaughter.I have lived in the city of  Upland for 35 years. I have served on the Upland Planning Commission and was elected to the city Council in 1992 for a four year term. My wife, Marlene and I started Upland Heritage in 1989. I became a Board of Trustee’s member for Chaffey Communities Cultural Center in 2002. I was elected President 2006. I also have served on four other non-profits in the city of Upland. Upland Heritage, Upland Police Foundation, Main Street Upland, and Upland Community Housing Inc.

Ed Bordenkircher – Vice President

Member – Executive Committee
Chairperson – Education Committee
Member – Collections Committee

steve_i Steve Ipson – Secretary
Chairman – Events Committee
Member – Executive Committee
Member – Collections Committee
betty_j Betty Jo Verburgt – Trustee
Chairperson – Native American Education
Member – Events Committee
dennis_m Dennis Murillo – Trustee
Chairperson – Military Liaison Military Enthusiast – Active VFW participant – VERY recently retired School Teacher (Pomona School District – 3rd Grade)
ed_d Ed Dietl – Trustee
nathan_m Nathan McNabb – Trustee
darrin_k Darrin Kuna – Trustee
debra_m Debrah Maglica – Trustee
Co-Chairperson – Marketing Committee
John Atwater – Trustee

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