Director & Volunteers

Director – ‘A’ Street location

Marilyn Anderson

As Director, Marilyn oversees activities, welcomes visitors and particularly enjoys making connections with people and places.  She views “putting together pieces of this area’s past” as a fascinating, ongoing challenge.

Marilyn (McIntosh) Anderson has a rich history in the area.  She attended Upland Elementary School, Upland Junior High School and Chaffey High School.  After she graduated, she married and raised a family while beginning a career in the commercial arts.  In the mid 1970’s she opened Monarch Designs, a graphic art business in downtown Upland, serving many local businesses.  After 23 years she closed the shop but continued on painting murals and wall decor throughout the valley.

After several years, her interest in sharing history led her to start a monthly publication, The Hometown Spirit, which continues to this day.  Marilyn became an active member of the Cooper Museum, participating in the arrangement of displays and absorbing more history.

Our Advisors –  Those who are around from time-to-time and that we may call on  any time!

Marlene Stevens – Exhibit Co-Chair Person

Marc Acuña – Tongva Consultant – Retired Professor – Ethnobotany – (Cal Poly Pomona)

Barbara Drake – Tongva Consultant – Retired school teacher

Cathrine Osberg – 18th St. Citizens Action Committee

Phil Dowell – 18th St. Citizens Action Committee

Kurt   –  Military Enthusiast – participates in many local re-inactments.

Our Associates – Volunteers who spend so much time helping us out that their own families almost consider them ‘history’ !!!

Jerry McCarter – Our resident Tenor, musical production expert and plant tender-to.  Jerry makes sure our landscaping doesn’t lack for water and does a bit of trimming as well.  He loves going through any of the bits of musical history that comes our way.

Helen McClanahan –  A talented water-colorist, she is busy indexing various scrapbooks and albums, a daunting task she has taken on with enthusiasm.

Megan Hutter – our San Antonio Heights liaison, and collections helper

Our Volunteers – the generous people who make it all work.  We welcome and appreciate them all!!

Area students are required to perform community service prior to graduation.  Thanks to the following for their dedication !

Thanks to you all!!  You are welcome anytime !

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