The People

Dedicated to biographies of people that have influenced our communities.  

We are strong believers that everyone who has lived here is important in the tapestry of the life of the area.  This area grew to maturity from the early Tongva Indians, the Spanish land grant owners, the ‘dreamers’ who invested in the land, planned the basic community structure, the early financeers who planted the groves, and the ‘dwellers’ who brought their families, businesses and labor to make the thriving communities we have today.

The businesses and landmarks are equally important and we will feature them elsewhere!

We will be adding biographies, stories and photos as we can.  If you would like to add a story about your family, we welcome your contributions.  Do you have information or just memories of a local business that made a difference to you (local barber, bicycle shop, favorite ‘hang-out’?  Tell us your stories and send us your pictures.

George Chaffey Jr

Robert Nichols

Nathan Stowell



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