Like most Non-Profit organizations, we really welcome volunteers.   We are pretty low-key in that we really enjoy what we do and want others to learn, have fun and grow to appreciate the area’s history as well.
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Opportunities –

We deal with history in a lot of ways.  We share the stories at our museum and at home tours and our audiences vary.  We  research people and places for visitors on a case-by-case basis and we gather information just to augment our collection of knowledge.  We have artifacts that need love and attention and we have data input, photographing and scanning to do.

A lot of our needed ‘work’ has to be done on-site at either the Downtown or 18th Street locations.  But we also have things to do at San Bernardino County Records and Archives, Bellevue Cemetery, the local libraries, on the internet and just ‘in-the-field’.

Though both locations are only open Thursday – Saturday, those are tough days to really get the behind-the-scenes work done.  So, we are sometimes at the museum on other days and we are not totally restricted.  And there is some off-site work that can be done at your own convenience.

Working with visitors –
Docenting – this is for those who want to tell whatever story we are presenting in the museum galleries.  Also includes docents for our home tours.

Working with the collection –
Hands on inventory and evaluation of the items in our collection

Photographing our artifacts for an on-line exhibit

Photographing historic homes and locations

Scanning our photographs for our future on-line database

Data input to our collections software

Research –

Building a local genealogy
Researching historic properties
Documenting local stories
Interviewing community members (everyone has a story to tell)

Facility care –

Yes, we also appreciate those who like to be a ‘handy-person’, or a gardener.  Would you like to ‘adopt’ our outside landscaping at the Second Avenue location?  Not a lot of work but really needs someone who loves and appreciates the plants!

Community Service –

We also welcome Community Service workers.vm_logo

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