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Thank you to all our sponsors that made this years Christmas Parade possible.
A Special Thank You to the Landecena Family for their Wonderful Generosity
Bill Landecina.jpeg

Bill Landecena and his lovely wife Helena will once again be a part of the Upland Christmas Parade. Bill has meant so much to the community of Upland. Bill is 95 years old, a World War II veteran and a resident of Upland for the past 57 years He started the Landacena Family Foundation in 1998 supporting Youth, animals, and the Greater Upland Community and providing assistance to over 50 charities. He was instrumental in starting the Friends of the Upland Animal Shelter and providing them the opportunity to open the 2nd Chance Thrift Store.
He is a charter member of the Upland foothill Kiwanis and has been a member for 55 years
These are just a few of the numerous things he has done for the Upland Community. The people of Upland want to wish you a very Merry Christmas

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